Friday, April 14, 2006

Racism re-experienced

This is the first time I may be using four-letter words and the like in my writing, because if what I'm about to describe is not an incident that can trigger anger in me, I don't know what will.
Vishu day, the first day of the Tamil new year, after a placid day, I went to play football with some friends. A bunch of 15-16 year old girls with cheap vodka bottle in hand seemed to appear out of nowhere and raided the pitch. We, at the other end of the field, thought they were chatting with a lady colleague and a colleague's wife.
They used the 'B' word and ladies with us shrivelled. While leaving, the girls spat on a male colleague. Waiting patiently was not his forte, but he did. Then when it was too much to handle, he said 'Bitch'. This was enough to flare up the obese bitch (yeah she was) in the girl's group.
"Fuckin' Asians. This is my country, I can do what I like. I have a knife in my pocket. Our boyfriends are here to take care of you...blah this and blah that" and so on went her incessant blabbering. The other ones were less vocal but more active in kicking our football. Then their fun went too far when they kicked the football onto the highway nearby.
Blinded by anger at getting spat on my shoes by then, I was running behind them and didn't realise that I was on a high-speed highway and could have been killed by a speeding car. I am sure all the five of us on the field have never controlled our fists to this extent before. The girls were mere 15-16 years and we could have had them for breakfast without letting out a burp, but retaliation would have landed us in jail for hitting minors. Their vocabulary never went beyond four-letter words and they wanted us to talk like them. Not in a million years could we go down to that level. In this north-eastern part of the country, the standard of their English was as pathetic (even in its birth place) as it could be.
Something like this happened on a lesser scale sometime back and I chose to ignore it, not once but twice. While walking on the roadside, some guys in a car sped past in the opposite direction mouthing obscenities about Asians and almost spitting on me. This was during the July blasts and I forgave them, considering it just another case of misjudging by colour. Another one was a bus driver wantonly driving through a puddle of water to drench us Asians on the sidewalk. We crossed the road in front of him and so I am sure his move was planned.
This naked reality and stark contrast between the excellent Brits I know and these racist shitholes I've encountered amazes me. Of all the good things I have said about professional Brits, this incident eclipses quite a lot of it. By experiencing these unwanted incidents of innate racism, I have no respect whatsoever for this so-called developed country. A developed country is made of its people and if people are shitholes, so is the country. This incident has just made my intention of never settling abroad stronger and more concrete.

I am sure incidents such as these have been experienced by many and I live in hope that some day the tables will turn. In fact, I can already see them turning. India is growing stronger and so are Indians. There will be a time when Indians will look down upon people here because they will be far behind us.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Irrelevant Opinions!

There are plenty of good comments and bad comments. There are polite criticisms and there are direct attacks. Everything agreed, but stupid and non sense comments?? No sir. Not on public news sites anyways. I am sick and tired of jobless commentators with zilch common sense and nil grey cells flocking to the news websites and eating away server space with their brainless comments. I am assuming, and I may be wrong, that the users of internet in India are the educated ones. By educated, I mean, not just using the internet but using their brains before posting, thinking if what they are doing is relevant or not. But it seems this is not the case. Of the numerous examples I have seen, this is the one of the more recent ones.
IBN Live ran the news ‘PM's worry: Cash flowing, but results not showing’. The gist says PM is introspecting his government and seeing if the money spent has produced results and if not, why not and where has the dough disappeared. This, read by a man with an ounce of common sense will mean to him /her that PM is doing something with good intentions. Being vocal about how much money was put into project X and if that has been implemented or not is good PMship and transparent governance. Some of the impertinent comments –
Vikram: if the p.m is worried think about the common man, he is miserable. This clearly tells us that the congress party cannot make this country a better place. So the government should resign if they are born for one father.
My take: PM introspecting and trying to find if implementation matches promises or not means he is miserable? But of course, you stupid ass. You are a BJP supporter, agreed. But put a relevant comment buddy!
Citizen Journalist - “Only a fool will NOT know where all that money has gone!
It is sickening to know that Prime Minister should express his helplessness with this state of affairs. He should sack those ministers who are unable to account for the money that has been spent, and the lack of progress.”
My Take: Citizen Journalist?? A misnomer for sure. The first two sentences really freak me out. Its not the helplessness he is expressing but concern. Sack the ministers sure is an outcry of frustration which I do not deny but cut the PM some slack. He is one of the best we’ve had. And mind you, I vote for lesser of the evils, so I am neither a Congress guy nor BJP/NDA guy.
My Take: Sure dude! We need more people like you in CBI /RAW/Anti Corruption Squad. Easy to sit and blabber.

These are a but a few examples of all the nincompoops who think what they write, is what it should be. I agree on the fact that ‘Every one is someone else’s fool’ and I may be one too. But these people who comment at least need to think of the pertinence with the topic of discussion. This is sheer lack of common sense. Outright criticism based on no facts or figures can be equated to bullshitting. I implore if you are one of those who is bullshitting on news sites, please think of the comments’ germane before you key in.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Happy Birthday to me...........

After 25 years of surviving on this sphere circling the sun, I humbly can call myself a ‘quarter century’ holder today. This silver jubilee has seen my growth from infancy to teenage and teenage to adolescence and adolescence to youth. The fourteen years in school started with all my ‘Boohoo…I don’t want to’ and went on till ‘Ma, I am not going today’. The sibling rivalry was the best entertainment at home. I thank my sis for this. Then six years in college and came in the ‘extra hours’ in college or ‘No classes today or are there? Either way, what about a movie?’ Moving away from Indore to Bangalore was another pain but now, Bangalore is as much home as Indore. A very happy beginning to career with my company picking me up from campus and the job continues to be excellent. One year in UK and lots of travels also come forth as I close my eyes to relive the past 25 years. I thank my parents and God for everything. After this short ‘academy /filmfare award’ kind of speech, the international anthem for birthdays ‘Happy Birthday to me….Happy Birthday to me..blah blah’.