Sunday, September 24, 2006

A pre-winter blog hibernation

The work weighs down upon my shoulder. I hope to sneak some time out for updating Thoughts Flux. But hope as I may, it might not happen. Thus, hibernating for a while whilst I do the functional design of some software components (hopefully will do it well). i.e no new posts for a while :(

Friday, September 15, 2006

Advices for free....Advices for free...

Why do you give advices so often,
I accidently ask a wise one.
Smiling wide he tells me; Son,
Advices are free, one or a ton.

He continues as if I had urged him on,
Non-stop he just goes on and on.
Opinions galore, he never does stop,
Give him hints and he still prods on.

For no reason, he squanders advice,
His wisdom has become his biggest vice.
For no reason, he keeps telling one and all,
What all to do, and not take a fall.

The free advisors are pain in the ass,
one chance and they start their class.
Most advices they give are trash,
in the smallest pause, just make a dash.

I beg the gratitious advisors to stop,
don't bore us till we die or drop.
Only when asked, show the wisdom,
or can the crap, you stupid bum.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The speed God kips down


Micheal Schumacher, the name which resounded loud and clear whenever Formula 1 was mentioned, confirms his retirement today. Schumi, as he's named by the media, announces his retirement after a thumping victory on Ferrari home track of Monza, Italy. Schumacher scored his 90th victory and is two points behind the championship leader Alonso at 108 points.

1991, Schumi first set foot on F1 track and now finishes his car-eer(pun intended) with seven championships and one in sight. He had his share of controversies including being questioned during Ayrton Sena's death, penalised for banging Damon Hill deliberately, penalised for stopping during qualifiers hindering Alonso etc.

"Now I just want to concentrate on the last three wins and finish the season in style, hopefully with the championship. We took a big step today," said Schumacher in the pres conference. I wish him all the luck for that.

The almost-eight time world champion of the high octane sport calls it a day while still on top.

Thus, endeth an era.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Ek Nazm...

Falak hai baadalon se bhara hua,
zameen tarasti hain paani ke liye.
Zehen hai lafzon se bhara hua,
ungliya tarasti hai likhne ke liye.

Shayar nahin kar rahein hain shayari,
Shayad hai unper kisi gam ka bhaar.
Sun ney ki aas mein hai duniya saari,
Fir Shayar habib ko kaisey karey inkaar.

Likhna tha sher, likh daali nazm,
Badla nahin kuch, per badal gaya dhang.
Shayari karne ki kabhi lee thee kasam,
Sher se muh modkar kar dee hai bhung.

- Shayar Dinesh 'Indorie' ;)