Thursday, December 01, 2005

Blog Sins

A usual question thrown at me if I ever ask for a topic to blog to non-blogger friends: “Why blog when there is nothing to blog on?”
Ah, BlogGod, forgive these ignorant non-bloggers, they know not what they not doing!

Blogger’s block oft rears its ugly head in bloggers’ brains.But the thought of sinning may remove blogger-block in no time. Ergo, here goes.
The preacher Dinesh iterates the sins of the blogging world. The number of sins committed decides on whether your blog rots in blog-hell or enjoys sunny weather in blog-heaven’s beach resort.

  1. Numero uno, there is no reason to own a blog and not blog. It’s a cardinal sin to have a blog which isn’t constantly updated. Sin #1 is not updating your blog at regular intervals.
  2. Secondly, copying blogs from other blogs is one of the biggest sins you can commit. This can be equated to murder. Nobody forces you to blog. So, if you’ve got itchy hands to copy, better wash your hands with soap, rather than bootlegging someone’s blog and calling it yours.
  3. Agreed that your blog is what you want it to be, but there is no reason that you just crap in your blog with posts having neither head nor tail.
  4. There are always topics for you to blog on. Complaints of not finding topics to blog on, is not reason good enough in BlogChitragupta’s / St.BlogPeter’s blogs to reduce your sin count.
  5. Another felony you should refrain from is using it to demean others or other’s blogs. Yes, you can post your views but in a decent manner, downright dirty is not the way. A corner seat in Bloghell will be reserved instantly if this is committed.
  6. Comment spamming other blogs will lead to nice spanking by the blog-demon in blog-hell.
  7. Last but not the least, cauldron full of hot oil awaits you if you disrespect ‘desi-bloggers’.

There might be many more to list and missing out on blog sins is again a small sin. Thus, I need bloggers’ help to make a comprehensive guide of blog-sins. An acclaimed blog-jury will decide on what to add and as a special prize, a place in blog heaven can be reserved :).



Ravi said...

I am not going to be my own judge but probably I have been guilty of committing no.1, no. 3 & no. 4 of the blogging sins at one point or the other.

icyblue said...

Din back in action eh.. ;)

Global Indian said...

Some lesser sins

Bad color schemes... particularly red and pink as background color...gee..
Small fonts

TTG said...

Hmm I demean others, and I demean their blogs. I disrespect quite a few does Hell have a points system in place (kinda like for a Canadian Visa)? You know, if you've done 2 out of 3 things, then you only get sent for semi-eternal damnation with parole or some such? Just curious, oh Guardian of the Gates to Blog Heaven. (Saint Blogeter?)

Dinesh said...

@Ravi: :) U sinner. Will keep count for sure;). And yes, this is another lesser known evil, hurting blog-reader's eyes.

@icy: Yeah, back from vacation:)

@ttg: Welcome to the blog! Like the idea of points system but some sins have to have a higher hell rating than the others. Demeaning is sure to have high
"Semi-eternal damnation"..:D..hialrious.
Saint Blogeter and Bloggupta (aka St.Peters and Chitragupta)..need two DBA's as number of bloggers are increasing by the minute. :)

bd said...

man! you took away all the masala with points 5 and 7 :(

Srijith said...

I really hope you are joking...

Jinguchakka said...

Not posting is better than copying from others.

Ambar said...

Very imaginative!
I'm innocent of sins 2 and 6 in your list. What is BlogGupta's verdict?

Varkey said...

hey I'm a saint :D... but then i'm sure u already knew!!

Dinesh said...

@bd:LOL! Masala can be added with spicy posts:)

@srijith: Welcome. Aha..not a joke..:D

@jinguchakka: Right you are! Surely, Not posting is very minimal felony compared to copying.

@Ambar: Thanks mate. Bloggupta shall read your blogs and pass a verdict..:)

@Varkey: Yeah, u a saint. Quite a paradox!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

1) Agreed

2) Copying Blogs ... omg! never!!! :P

3) Depends from person to person. Something which u might find useless could be really interesting for me!

4) Yep yep that's true!

5) Very Bad!! Never do anything like that!

6) Spammers are bloody a$$40!3$ !!

7) Wutz with desi-bloggers???

Ravi said...

Only the first comment was mine. The third comment was by another ravi.

Dinesh said...

3) Yup. That makes sense.

7) Just a patriotic addition ;)

@Ravi (Regular Ravi): Okie. Apologies.

@Ravi(global Indian): Welcome. And Thanks, the sin fits in.

:: The Protector :: said...

i dont wanna b jurry or convict ! ;)

icyblue said...

AAh Mr.Dinesh u commited Sin #5 trying to demean my post!! U'll burn in Blog hell :-P


Dinesh said...

@Vishnu: LOL. Blogs committing blog sins are sinners nt convicts.:)

@Icy: the sin 5 carefully. It doesnt say I cannot express my views on ur comment..LOL. Guess I shudve been a lawyer to find loopholes in laws..:D

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

New make-overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eh!!!

still_figuring_out said...

no 3--i equate my blog to my personal diary. so that gives me a right to write what i want, doesn`t it? even if my readers think it has "neither head nor tail".


Dinesh said...

@Cheezy: Yup. Hope its good. :)

@Still_Fig_out: Ah, there are quite a bit of people contradicting point 3. Think Bloggupta/St.Blogeter need to re-look into Sin 3. Thanks. :)

Mary said...

Hey! like your new blog template/colour scheme :)

Dinesh said...

@Mary: Thanks! :)

silverine said...

This is so true. I would say, taking digs at another blogger's writing style is another sin. After all we are all not Hemingways!

Great thought for a post.

Dinesh said...

@Silverline: Thanks mate! Keep visiting.

The optimist from utopia said...

Now why am I not able to write posts like that! *sigh*

Dinesh said...

@optimist:Thanks. Be like your blog-name and be an optimist, u will write like you want to.

The Light-House. said...

Good one.Though I may not free of all the sins I agree to the post on all counts. I think reading a blog and not commenting too is a sin.

Dinesh said...

@Tarun: :) Thanks.