Monday, January 23, 2006

Whats with some of us, not to acknowledge?

I remember reading a blog on the same lines few months back. I found it true then and now after around nine odd months here, I cannot agree more. Whenever I have meet or see an Indian in foreign land, I have tried a knowing smile with a 'Hey desi bro, you alright?' gesture . Circa eighty percent of the time, I am rewarded with either a blank stare or a glance which ends before I could say 'Jai Robindran' (desi Jack Robinson ;) while the brits and remaining twenty percent say a cheery 'Hi, you're alright?' and walk away with a pleasent smile. Complete strangers, in the land of strangers, even a smile and nod is highly appreciated.

Is this lack of basic courtsey something we are known to have, a trademark of sorts like nil civic sense?
Is the permanent residentship in another country, makes them feel 'non Indian', and is a reason for not smiling at an Indian?
Do they feel they are superior if they have been very long in phoren?
Do they just dismiss me as a lunatic beaming at everyone?

A desi working in my company's UK office, walks in, and dines on the same table in the suite just before Balckburn Rovers were up against NUFC. I tried different kinds of smiles - 'pleasent', 'conversation striking', 'ice breaking' etcetra.A friend from my project did the same. This only met his indifferent face which looked at the brits on the table. While the brits and me chatted avidly about the football match due to start and all the while criticisizing Brit food, this man talked to some other brits at the table who looked willing to join our conversation if he let them. Finally, my smile turned to smirks and we friends told wach other 'Bhaad mein jaaye' (loosely translated 'Let him be in garbage'). I do not demand a complete 'who, what, when, where, how' of the person, but a knowing desi smile warms hearts in foreign land.

Anyways, I shall smile at all desis I pass, even if they think of me as an ever-grinning nincompoop.


Jinguchakka said...

That's embedded in our Indian psyche, Dinesh. And the reason may be remotely related to our population density.

The Light-House. said...
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The Light-House. said...

"Foren" Mania still grips ua.I m sure whenever u reach home (India) every home within a miles radius know that u r here.
I think u got it right.We must acknowledge each other everywhere and be a reason for atleast exchange smiles.I personally dont want myself to be pain in someone else's ass.As it is being courteous does not cost anything.
I loved the snaps on ur blog.I wish u post "Larger" snaps in ur next blog

Varkey said...

here is a smile form a desi dude


Dinesh said...
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Dinesh said...

@Srinivasan:population density sure might be a reason for not getting to know many people personally but a reason not to acknowledge a smile! Then maybe its the same for the Chinese.:)

@Tarun: Welcome! Completely agree with you. A smile doesn't cost tuppence. Glad you liked the snaps, right click and open in new window, you can see the bigger version of the snaps.

@Varkey: Thanks mate. Right back at ya :)

icyblue said...

Come back to India then :P I'll smile at u... after I kill u for the "prank"

Dinesh said...

@Icy: hehehe...:) I shall get full knight's armour from here to stay safe from you!