Monday, June 12, 2006

The winning Formula

Renault is proving to be the toughest contender yet again. But the man who was trying to be written off by many, still stands tall and is proving that he was cut out to be the legend in Formula One. Any talk about Formula one is not complete without mentioning the name ‘Michael Schumacher’. After nine races this season, the results of the drivers championship says it all. This year, the team tactics and strategy are making impact than previous years in formula one. Renault has shown that they not only possess the best car on the track, they have an intelligent team as well. The strategies were very well implemented by Ferrari and Renault to take over from each other and this race of minds and cars has made this season a brilliant one.

Bahrain started off the season with Alonso, Schumi and Raikonnen on the podium with poster boy Nico Rosberg setting the fastest lap on the circuit. Then Malasiyan GP came in as a little surprise with Giancarlo on the podium ahead of Alonso. Australian GP saw more than its fair share of accidents and mechanical, technical failures but Alonso still held his stead and stood at the podium with Kimi on his right. Ralf Schumacher enjoyed his first podium of the season for Toyota. Nick Heidfeld surprised by notching 5 points in his Sauber-BMW and both Ferraris damaged from accidents had to retire. San Marino GP, Schumi does what he does best. He won the race with Alonso two seconds behind. The European GP saw one of the best tactical moves from the pits and again Schumacher proved the young gun Fernando that he still had the ability. Massa gave a good fight for third place giving Ferrari some extra points and himself a podium. Spanish GP saw Renault appearing again in the front waving the chequered flag with Alonso on top and Fisichella third. Schumacher cruised to an easy second.

The count of Monte Carlo was Fernando Alonso again. A controversial qualifier in Monaco had Schumacher starting from the pits. This was not to hamper the man and he finished fifth and also clocked the fastest lap in the race. Montoya claimed the second spot and Coulthard drove his Redbull to the third position. The beautiful circuit and the only F1 circuit with a tunnel, Monaco, witnessed plenty of breakdowns and failures making an interesting show for the spectators.

Silverstone GP made everyone look up to Feranando with the respect which usually people reserve for Schumi. He made the rest of the cars look as if they were being radio controlled by some kids since he was indomitable throughout the race, right from the pole to the chequered flag. Schumacher started third on the grid but without much effort defeated Raikonnen who came in third. There would not have been this mammoth time difference of ten seconds between the first and second positions if Schumacher was in second place. The analysts feel Raikonnen’s speed kept Schumi from doing his deed and giving a tough fight to Alonso.

Ten races left. The football world cup will overshadow most of it. But for the speed junkies who swear by revving engines and tyres on chicane, this most technologically superior sport, Formula one season is still full throttle this year.


Keshi said...

Im sure boys are made out of racing cars and!


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