Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blog-ban: Satire

Blogban: The Movie Review
*ing:Amitabh Blogchan, Hema Blogini.

BLOGBAN is a story of bonding between parent and child (read blogger and blog) and the sudden denial of child to be with parents. A slight twist in the tale is when, this denial happens due to a third party, the ISPs. Produced by B.R.Chopra (shortened from BlogeR.Chopra), this movie depicts the delicate relationship blogger and his/her blog.

Like a careful gardener aka baghban, the blogger tends his garden (blog) and makes sure it blossoms into a sight to behold. Now when the blogger is ready to bask in its glory, terrible things happen and they are separated. Exasperated and dejected, blogger retaliates peacefully. Amitabh Blogchan and Hema Blogini portray the part of bloggers with utmost ease and grace.

The movie BLOGBAN is rich in emotions and appeals to the class called ‘bloggers’ worldwide. The script writers aka Government of India unknowingly wrote the script of such brilliant nature. BlogeR Chopra(read ISPs) are just mouthpieces who made it public. The result, as we now know is, BLOGBAN.

Though the movie lacks song and dance sequences, the movie is about to surpass records at blogs office as people are still vying to catch a glimpse of their blogs in India. The film has spurred a controversy with all Indian blogistanis asking the government to give back their freedom of internet speech. The movie has also created a furore among the desi bloggers outside des.

Rating: *****


Avi said...

A very very good one maite ! Simple and to the point ! Perfect..

icyblue said...

lol....this is a creation of ur wild imagination?? :D

Anonymous said...

Its hilarious Din !!
Where did this Idea come from ..

Dinesh said...

Thanks Avi!

Icy, you bet! :)

Hey Anonymous, the idea came while plannin to write about the blogger ban in India :)

Keshi said...

lolzzzzz hahaha!


Dinesh said...

Keshi- Glad it made you laugh:)