Tuesday, September 25, 2007

T20 World Cup: Is there any other news today?


Adding to the copious amount of digital ink understandably spilled over India winning T20 world cup, here is my part. In the sheer ecstatic state of mind, I congratulate every Indian in the world. It was our day without doubt as lady luck was beaming at the well prepared team. Though Misbah almost vanquished her, she came back to give us glory by dropping the ball in Sreesanth's hands. Everyone in the team played their part, and everyone excelled.
Hearts skipped a few beats, blood in veins froze, when Misbah launched the ball skywards off Joginder in the last over. Only after the ball came down into Sreesath's hands, the bodily functions restarted normally but this time, adrenaline flowed with the blood. The high-decibel sound of victory which rose from my apartment in a quiet place in Reading sure did send the english neighbours scurrying to their phone to call the cops. But they would have understood the state of mind if they switched on sky sports.
I am not the one of those hyper enthusiastic fans to criticise Indian team whenever they lose but when then win, and win with dignity, I cannot resist a skip, a hop and bhangra!! I am sure there was a prayer going skywards from every cricket fan.

Malik and Pak team need PR coach

I really admire the way they played yesterday and almost snatched a winning match from India and I respect Malik's captaincy. But Shoaib Malik, shouldering the huge responsibility of being Pak cricket team captain, needs his PR skills or atleast his interview skills honed. The statement thanking all "muslims" in the world for supporting Pakistan Cricket team was so uncalled for. This could have been a slip of tongue or ignorance, but neither is a defence in court of law, in this case on 'international podium'. Ironically, Irfan Pathan came immediately after Malik's interview to collect man of the match award. Did a muslim send three top Pak batsmen back on the bench for 16 runs...nah, an Indian did.

The television channels

All programs were postponed and every advertisement put on hold, or so it seemed, when all you could see on screen was a shirtless Dhoni, a dancing Bajji, an assaulted but grinning Sehwag, calm(??) Sreesanth and ecstatic Pathan brothers. Yuvraj, RP and everybody else, needless to say, were over the moon. Any other day, I would hate Star news and Aaj tak to the point of revoking their licenses if I had my way, but I didn't mind their crap headlines and pathetic news presentation as they showed the jumping jacks in the country and fireworks being bursted as if to announce the win to the world. Aaj Tak even made Kapil praaji dance to their DJ's tunes. NDTV bought in Imran Khan, who had to put on a plastic smile, but as usual spoke sense. Sidhu went berserk on NDTV and asked everyont to become 'talli' and claimed he would have given Yuvi the 'man of the tournament' award instead of Afridi.

I know, you all know what I just wrote, but duuuudess!! (and dudettes too), I am over the moon too!
Sidhuism: 'Today was a colossal moment in the Indian cricketing history and I am as proud as a cat's whiskers!'


Mitesh Ashar said...


i wanted to contact you via email but was unable to find ur address..
can u pls shoot me an email at miteshashar@targetgenx.com


Dhanunjaya Gundala said...

Good one bhai...

I missed the fun at reading with you guys but on cloud no. nine at bangalore with all the roads blocked by the ecstatic cricket fans till the next day..

Find the detials on my blog by the end of week..


Nikhil (An Enigma) said...

Gr8 going man....you described the match in a way that even an non-Cricket lover would die to watch it next time it happens. ;)

Cheers maite..