Friday, April 01, 2011

Great Expectations

No, I am not reviewing and dare not review the Charles Dickens' classic. I am thinking about the Cricket World Cup 2011 finale like all my fellow Indians.

Though a cliché, I cannot resist saying that this is 'as big as it gets' but I want to include 'in cricket, every four years' :). For the two countries participating,

the event is the biggest opportunity in sporting history since 1996 for Srilanka and for since 1983 for India. There is no other sport which gets the fans roaring and media going crazy in both the countries. Regardless of which side wins, history will be made. Both teams are fighting for their second title of World Champions since its induction in 1975.

A win for India is all the heart wants and a win for India is what the brain predicts but predictions like mine are dime a dozen. Any follower of Indian cricket and a religion called Sachinism, will predict the same and want the same. Nothing will give us more pleasure than Dhoni holding the cup aloft and Sachin smiling from ear to ear.

The day comes but rarely,
when the brain doesn't think clearly.
The heart skips many a beat,
for thats the cricket fever's heat.

This one goes for the two greats,
who play their last world cup.
Off field, they may be mates,
on field, they can cause a stirrup.

A certain God of this game,
whose willow can make any ball look lame.
His innings are nothing short of wonder,
and can tear any bowling attack asunder.

A magician called Murli for his team,
can cast a spell and take the cream.
A magical turn of his wrist,
can bring an end to any batsman's tryst.

It is said that the World Cup deserves Sachin as much as Sachin deserves the world cup. It is going to be impossible to control the adrenaline and goosebumps tomorrow if India becomes the world champion. I will not be angry at the Indian team tomorrow if they lose but applaud the opposition for they would have deserved it.

But then again, I cannot help but imagine the time being frozen when Dhoni lifts the cup and the victory roar from India reaches the heavens.

That will be the moment I will refer to as 'where were you when India won the world cup' moment of our generation.

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