Thursday, March 09, 2006

Le voyage vers la France

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Writing en route from Paris, cruising at 34K feet above sea level and looking at the intoxicating view on the western horizon, where one of the most beautiful sunsets was being painted in hues of orange, yellow, red and blue, I am happy this scribble on a magazine has made it to the blog. After being embraced by the most romantic city in the world for four days, I am already awaiting another chance of being in Paris.

Many ‘yeahs’ and ‘nays’ later, the trip was decided and the visa materialised on the passport and we were off for fabulous land called France. Charles De Gaulle Aeroport displayed the lean and mean Concorde proudly, the only mach speed passenger jet (decommisioned). Paris Hilton stood proudly outside the airport and could be seen from the runway (ahem..ahem…Hotel Hilton, Paris). Sit on the metro and feel the India like civic sense. Reach main Paris and you are overwhelmed by the beauty, the India-like traffic sense…wither way, feel at home. The historic city has lion’s share of artistic and architectural wonders.

During the day, climb up the Eiffel tower and gape at the extremely well-planned city sprawled under you, and you feel like Gulliver on his travels. The Trocadero on one side, Hotel Versailles, Opera de la Bastille, radio stations, Paris statue of liberty et al are studded like gems in the jewel called Paris.

A railway platform converted museum, Musee De Orsay, showed off paintings and sculptures from various artists from France. Louvre Museum pompously displayed Da Vinci’s Monalisa, Virgin of the rocks, Aphrodite’s statue and plenty more original and beautiful works of art. The intriguing smile on Monalisa’s face and her eyes which follow you wherever you go in the room, sure is a masterpiece and attracted much of the crowd. While wondering at the mysterious smile, you could almost hear Dan Brown say, ‘Didn’t I tell you, it was so....teehee’. Dan Brown’s masterpiece starts to unfold right when you enter louvre from the glass pyramid. (And the icing on the cake, a very attractive girl with the most beautiful smile like in the paintings, sitting on the ticket counter, allowed me in the museum for free. I thought she had fallen for me, but alas, it was free for all who were under 25 years of age, on all Friday evenings.)

Notre Dame, one of the most famous of churches, is one architectural masterpiece not to be missed. With all its statues of Jesus and followers and all the other pantheons of Christianity, Notre Dame stood overlooking River Seine.

As soon as you come out of the metro at Etolle, you see the mammoth monument ‘Arc De Triumph’ and you gape at it for sometime and then you devour the beauty of it. Built like the India Gate, it stands gallantly reminding the Parisians of Napoleon. A seemingly never-ending fleet of spiral stairs takes you to the top of it from where you can see the amazing spectacle called ‘Paris’. Twelve massive roads meet at the Arc De Triumph junction, which at night can truly display the glitter of the city. One of the roads being Champs Elyseés, the posh(est) road in Paris, inviting people to loosen their purse strings. The best part was the Renault Formula1 Bar on Champs Elyseés. The other exhilarating treat to watch is the illuminated Eiffel tower and the beacon of light rotating on top of it, lighting up parts of the sky, on all directions in quick succession.
If you are vegetarian in Paris and want to grab an inexpensive bite, you just have to be content with French fries. Not even McDs serve vegetarian. Night life in Paris is again tops the list in the Europe. Simply walk down the Champs Elysees or sip chardonnay sitting in the restaurants on the roadside, every moment will be enjoyable.

Though I am put off French fries for months to come, Paris is an experience which Paris alone can confer.


Avi said...

Salut Din,

So how much of french did u pick up there ? And no mention about any french kisses !!

Au revoir. A bientôt mon ami

Keshi said...

Paris wus have loved ya too Dinesh ;-) WB!

do they eat snails there? lol!


Dinesh said...

@Avi: Dude, thats personal. Won't mention here..hehe. BTW, nothin happened.:(

@Keshi@: Thanks Keshi! Hehe, lookin at their menus, I would be surprised if snails weren't in that. lol.

Bee said...

where r the pics in the travelogue buddy?

Dinesh said...

@bee: :) Blogger's mistake! Will rectify soon.