Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bonjour fellas

Am off to Paris for some more loafing around. Monalisa's waiting with a smile on the face though the Eiffel will surely grumble when my heavy bodied self tries to clamber on top of it. Though, I have made a small chit and crammed important french words but I have kept a pen and paper handy(to draw what I mean and explain, in case they dont understand !). The all fashion-encompassing city, though might provide the best names in fashion, I am sure to not look at them lest I empty my pockets. And the if they talk too much in french, I have well rehearsed the first lesson 'Je ne comprend pas'...I don't understand.
I promise some travelogues and pics in a week or so.

Au Revoir,


Keshi said...

Au Revoir Dinesh ;-) be back soon with lotsa pics..


Avi said...

Happy hunting in paris !

icyblue said...

Lucky B.U.M. :(

Truman said...

Have a nice trip :)

Mary said...

Lucky you! :) Have a great trip!

Dinesh said...

@Everyone: Thanks guys. Here's travelogue. Pics will soon be up. Blogger acting weird now.