Thursday, July 30, 2009

Schumacher Reloaded

Schumi, now an occasional motorcycle racer, gets an additional pair of wheels.Michael Schumacher aka Schumi is making his foray into Formula 1 yet again. This time too, his chosen steed will be a Ferrari . Ferrari wants Schumi to fill Massa's spot for a while.

Felipe Massa has established himself as one of the top drivers in the world with all the glory he has achieved after joining Ferrari last year. The Brazilian was hit in the helmet by an errant from another car and crashed into tyre barrier at about 120 mph during qualifying race of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While Massa recovers from the skull fracture and concussion, Ferrari announced that Schumi will replace the former till he is fit to race again. Schumi will have an intensive training session before the European GP and once again have a go at points. He will have to undergo a fitness test after the prep programme before he can be entrusted with the car in Valencia. Schumi, being a Ferrari loyal, was more or less present in all the GPs post retirement as a Ferrari consultant and is abreast with team strategies etc. Though he may not be in the thick of things, for a talented driver like him, it should not take more than a few test sessions to vroom away in the F60.

Interestingly, there are quite a few top drivers who entered F1 after Schumi retired in 2006. The Vettels and Hamiltons have a lot to look forward to. Michael was one of the youngest to win a title when he was 25. Now, time will tell if he can become the 'oldest' to win a race atleast! Though, he may not be able to win immediately, but this mototsport icon will definitely hunt down the chequered flag before the end of the season.

Lance Armstrong won the Tour De France after a gap of three years. Michael Jordan came back and won after he had hung up his boots once. Can Schumi repeat the feat in F1?

Lets hope that atrophy has not set in and celebrate this return of the legend.

Hail the German speed God!