Monday, March 07, 2011

Restart...or so I think

There, I go again. Out of the blue, one fine day, something tells me...Go, update your blog.
Maybe, I will heed to it. In the past 2-3 years of blogging lethargy, I do not know if I can write anything at all. Even if I do, will it be interesting, simple and read by someone other than me? Well, I don't give a damn!

Or do I?

Hmm..I can be sure of my wife reading it and can coax/force a few friends to do so too ;) And now that my friends keep clicking on all the links I post on facebook (I do post interesting ones!!), I think they will read this too!


I am in Chicago now,
enjoying the intermittent snow.
I have no clue what I wanna write,
I am still trying to find an idea, bright!

I once said, I'll always update the blog,
Its more than just my daily log.
I soon realised, its not a simple job,
like eating the corn and throwing the cob.

Now, I am going to glug a beer,
maybe that brings in some cheer.
I'll string some words and make them rhyme.
and writing nonsense won't feel like a crime!

I know no one's forcing me to write,
but many will know a blogger's plight.
I will write with all my might,
just don't tell me to get out of your sight!


satya_eee1 said...

Welcome back....

I enjoyed reading the last two lines..

I will write with all my might,
just don't tell me to get out of your sight!

One observation, when you started blogging, you were in UK..

When you restarted, you are in US..

You should have named it as Thoughts Onsite.. :P

Dinesh Babuji said...

@Satya - Maybe its the time freed up from travel to and from office, watching crappy TV programs and other similar unwanted activities helps me do that.