Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The rising need for introspection

13th August 2005 -
Saw the movie 'The Rising - Mangal Pandey', a man who rose against the mighty british empire in 1857, the flame which lit fire inside the Indians to wage the first war of independence, the hero who died for India. We need to show more of our national heroes to the children today. The historians should rise to the issue and do something about it. Hats off to film industry for attempting this.
Though this movie didn't match the hype cause of some extra unwanted songs and love scenes, it did strike a chord. The patriot in me was ashamed of me and my generation. Why don't we do something for our India...and as I know, 'We' includes 'I' and it has to begin with 'me'.
15th August 2005 -
I penned my feelings....
Here's hoping that these feelings which came on impulse(like it has done plenty of times before), doesnt wear off in due course, this time. I hope there is something which I keep doing for India, however small it might be, but it should lead to the betterment.
Introspection, being on the other side

Here I am, an Indian, in the very heart of Britannia,
working away to fill my personal coffers.
India, celebrates its 59th independence on this very day,
But people still looking west for better offers.

My heart aches, I am the like the rest,
following the trodden path.
Working for once foe while enjoying the best,
but India still gives me all the love it hath.

In pursuit of worldly pleasures,
I forget these are my best years.
Best years to do something for my place,
Best years to put a smile on India’s face.

Will I change, will I make a difference,
will I limit the self needs?
Will I stifle some of my dreams,
will I ever help the Indian realms?
P.S Added later - My thoughts of keeping our heroes alive in all Indian hearts has been very well written in this article in Telegraph.


relish said...


Durga said...

Ayyyoooo......yet another tam software engineer is :-O
Amazing...Awesome dude!

Ruchika said...

Its just not about offers rather for standards of living:-))
Sincerly hope someday INDIA WILL SHINE..
words flowing straight from the heart...Proud to be an Indian:-)

Dinesh said...

@Relish and Durga: Thanks.

@Ruchika: Proud to be an Indian. and India will shine for sure..rather its already started shining. Jai Hind!