Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This beast on land, the meanest of land machines, always fascinated me whenever I saw it on screen or talked about it. Hummer is one of the most powerful 4 wheel drives ever to ply on the roads and on places where roads are a far cry. The power can be felt just by looking at the cruel machine. I was overjoyed on getting to see this mechanical monster (with commendable electronics within) in Newcastle Asian Mela. This was the best part of the mela apart from the soni-kudis from India and Pak.
The US army was looking for a High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle and AM general gave them the Humvee which was proven to be superior to all the existing 4 wheeled vehicles and the best man for the army’s job. Later it was named Hummer M998. I reckon the civilian model was introduced circa ‘92.
There is a specific way in which torque is distributed to all the 4 wheels in usual 4 wheel drive vehicles, mostly equal torque on each wheel. But in hummer, as soon as it senses a decrease in torque to one wheeli.e when the tyre might be slipping, torque is transferred to the other wheel. And there is a massive difference in the usual 4 wheel drive and the brake traction control system in hummer. There is much more to Hummer than this and I am sure I won’t be able to do justice to the sophistication of this genius piece of machinery.
I’m publishing my only snap with the hummer H2. Don’t mind my hairstyle, the barbarian barber cut my hair out to the point of making me bald, while I was half asleep and to think of it I paid seven quid for this hair cut….gawd.


Truman said...

You sound like a firang already. lol..btw, that hairdo is great..really :) and welcome to blogging :)

Dinesh said...

Thanks mate! Me no firang...me desi..pure blooded desi ..no muggle(firangi) blood ;-)