Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Grand Prix to commence

The formula one season is all set to start in a fortnight. I reckon we will be seeing the F1-God in the red Ferrari for the last time this season. Though Renault, the favourite, still seems to be leading the pack during practices, the aggressive Raikonnen on McLaren is not the one to bow down. The flickering flame, but flame all the same, Schumi is still F1-god for us worshippers of F1. Our desi bro, Narain, is no more in the race. I hope the next Indian takes the helm of one of the F1 cars soon and gets India on the asphalt again running for the chequered flag.

This year the rules have been modified yet again. The safety regulations are stricter and thus, the cars if not slower, will have speeds as last seasons. The V10 engines have been replaced by V8s. Though, the cars not able to procure V8s will be allowed to race with last year’s V10s (restricted V10s of course). On the same lines, its now allowed to change tyres during the race unlike last year. New teams, new drivers, merged & acquired teams etc, should give us another season of the exciting fastest sport on earth, played on fastest land machines. A new team Super Aguri, from Japan, are waiting to display their skills on the circuits. Toro Rosso (Minardi purchased by Red bull) and MF1 (Jordan renamed), might pull off a victory if nomenclature change helps them in any way. BMW has paired with Sauber and ditched Williams. And of course, the old professionals Renault, Feraari, McLaren, Honda, Toyota etc. are revving to challenge the opponents and trample the newcomers.

Lets wait and watch and pray for Schumacher to get the title again.


Keshi said...

I often wonder how Schumacher drives to the mall or he must feel real bored driving a normal car...


Varkey said...

Narain is the 4th driver for Williams :D coz Tata is a sponser. so hopefully both william drivers will fall sick on a particular weekend and he gets to drive ;)

the new McL lookd georgeous !!
but then


The Light-House. said...

Schumi had a bad year.I wish him luck and wins at odd times.
I think Barichelo is the most under valued racer.for the reason which are obvious

Dinesh said...

@keshi: LOL. I guess he might have chauffers to drive him to the mall. He can't drive on city roads.:D

@Vark: I hope Narain comes on the track at least once.

@Tarun: Schumi really did have a bad year cause of bridgestone. I do like Barrichello myself but my loyalty sticks to Ferrari! :)

Keshi said...

I'd hope so..or else I'd never be driving ard him or go to the same!