Friday, February 10, 2006

Valentines for bachelors!!!

Just for fun...nothing serious!! When single guys look for rich girl valentines, their heart recites -

I ask, whats this Val day?
Some love stuff, they all say.
But I ask, if I may,
Shouldn't singles also have their say?

I shall let you know this day,
Some single pals and my dismay.
Do we have a God to pray,
To put some chicks on our tray.

Unlike donkeys, we don't bray,
like horses, we don't pull some dray.
Still gal luck isn't comin our way,
while we wait with no work or play.

There are conditions, let us say,
Before you find us, a hopeful ray,
The chick should not make us pay,
while we don't mind goin' the dutch way.

The lady so rich, with gold she'll pay,
own a huge bungalow by Whitley bay.
Spend dough on us, without saying nay,
not whine nor wince if we catch another prey.

If this sounds all fun and play,
Don't you mock us singles, I pray.
For there will be next valentines day.
When in our lap, shall fall a prey.

Dedicated to all the bachelors (including Vark and myself) out there without valentines!!


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

Aww ... that was a very sweet one ...

but why do u need a girl only for the Valentines Day???

I celebrate it with my mom n sis ... :) ... coz am single ;p

Well written !!!

Mary said...

LOL! that's a funny poem! Good luck with finding a valentine ;)

icyblue said...

lol..... Bachelor boyzzzz.... :)) U are in UK and u still cudnt manage to find urself a chick..!!! bad bad baddd :P

Varkey said...

Yo din

Great one ...

Still Singles and LOVING it ;)

Avi said...

Hmmm ... good one din !!

Anonymous said...

Too good!!

Dinesh said...

@Cheezy: Thanks! Yup, thats a good idea, but don't you think we guyz need gals for valentines? ;)

@Mary: :D Thanks a lot.

@Icy: Got many in UK but no desis ;)

@Vark: and loving every moment of the poster in our room shouts!

@Avi: Tnx:)

@Anonymous: Thanks!. Please do leave your name :)

Queer said...

How about the single gals? We have it bad too:(

ankan said...

dude....thanks for the dedication

:: The Protector :: said...

hilarious!... me 2 in the same boat :(

Anonymous said...

awww... cho chweet... very nice.. !!
btw, on a lighter vain, may be u wont be single if u stop referring to women as chicks.. ??


Dinesh said...

@queer: Sure. Single gals might have it bad too :)

@Ankan: Anytime mate! :)

@Vishnu: Welcome aboard!:)

@Charu: This was just for fun, else chicks..err..i mean..women are revered. :)

Anonymous said...

if you call women chicks and see us as prey, well, then, it's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it, why you are along on Valentines' Day.


Dinesh said...

@jeez: As the disclaimer on the top of the blog..its just for fun. No offence meant!And as i said, women are revered.:)

susubala said...

Poor guys ! Longing...longing...longing... is it !

Wish u to find a match very soon !

Anonymous said...

Man... You stole the words from my heart ;-)... Maybe all those who r single feel the same...

Dinesh said...

@Susbala: Thanks for the wishes :D

@Anonymous: Thumbs up!

Bee said...

hey good try at poetry :-) i wonder what poems will emerge from ur pen when u actually find a valentine!

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

LOL like we gals dont need guys!

Just convincing myself and other sad souls arnd me ... ;p

Dinesh said...

@bee: Thanks.

@Cheesy: Tera number aayega..:)

Keshi said...

heyy u forgot the Bachelorettes :) lol!


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

ok time to update!!!

Dinesh said...

@keshi: :D I didnt forget them ;)

@Cheesy: Yes, madamosille. Updated.:)

Keshi said...

hehe that's better :)