Monday, September 05, 2005

To swear or Not to the question?

Imagine a world without languages, I bet, u cannot. Now imagine a spoken language without derogatory words, and then think of its implications!!!

On the outset, one might argue, what the hell (pardon the pun) if there are no derogatory words, so much the better. But I disagree. Where there are humans, there is bound to be differences of opinions. Where there is mighty and there is a weak, there is bound to be oppression of the latter. As they say, “Everyone is someone else’s weirdo”, there are bound to be differences everywhere.

Now that I can safely assume, you are with me, about differences, I shall delve deeper into my thoughts about a language without offensive words. The foremost implication, I reckon, will be “violence”. As I believe in leading by example, I shall lead you into the gory world ;-) which will prevail, once the 'words' are removed from the vocabulary, with an example.

Any Indian would hate ‘India’ losing a cricket match, be it to Bangladesh or Australia, not to mention Pakistan. And every other match India is humbled. If it wasn’t for those abusive words in English and Hindi and numerous other languages in India, the opposite cricket team and a few members of our cricket team would have been man-handled and mauled par-recognition. “Holy effing shit, where did the talent the cricketers show on TV disappear when they are on the pitch?”, says the city-bred, convent-educated lad in the stadium. "Saaley kisney liya inn logon ko team mein, ‘highest paid cricketers in the world’…aur dekho kaisey kheltey hain", says another one, the local lingo-speaking guy. "&$^* &@* ko *&%$, ye saalon ko lao mere saamney, balla pakadna sikhata hoon", says the illiterate, over-enthusiastic cricket fan (If I typed in the actual words used by them, you will flag my blog for containing derogatory language ;-)).

Take this scenario and cut out the abusive words. There will surely be violence. Mild anger causes one to mouth abuses. There is an instant satisfaction of giving back, if one hurls abuses. But when the aggression gets past this and these words don’t satisfy, then violence breaks out. Thus, if we look at it from this perception, these “words” make a barrier, between the two involved parties. Erase the “words” and there you are, any difference of opinions or whiff of anger, bloodshed will be the only answer.

When I ask the people, why they use these words, rather than ‘let go’ or ‘ignore’. Some say, “Why should I let go, I give back whatever I get”. Some others wisely use a proverb and denounce violence by saying “Violence is the weapon of the incompetent”, but that answer does not justify hurling curses. The wannabe-yankees say “I ain't gonna take no shit”, that may be their reason to swear but grrrr…when are they going to learn, two negatives don’t make a positive in English.

I am greatful to the foul-mouthed, but good friend who constantly reminds me about 'how he cannot survive without swearing' led me to write this. I cannot think of any more implications currently. Leaving it here for you to ponder….



Raj said...

Well, I have successfully spent the first 23 years of my life without swearing. I feel very proud of this achievement of mine.

Dinesh said...

Congrats man. Way to go. Congratulations, shall tell my friend(whom I have mentioned in the last para of the blog), to learn few tricks of trade from you.
Thanks for posting in a novice's blog.

Varkey said...

what is a derogatory word?
All 'derogatory' words that i have heard abt actually have a completly decent meaning. :-P

@raj.... u must b way past 23 now aint u :D

Dinesh said...

@Varkey: I see that your 'derogatory words' have a decent meaning. Then they wont be derogatory. Plz check the meaning of derogatory. ;-)

Varkey said...

That is a Fuckin good point u have here :-P now was tat derogatory?

Dinesh said...

@Varkey: Thats just an example of using an offensive word to mean something non-derogatory. But still the word falls in the Offensive/abusive/derogatory category.

Truman said...

I guess I do not swear too :P

Dinesh said...

@truman: Good for us, Adi. ;-)

Anurag Setia said...

I am turning 27 in 2 months and havent sworn or used any abusive words either... rather i find some words as replacement that i use to pull myself up in situations when i feel down... like losing a game of tennis or cricket.