Friday, September 16, 2005

Bangalore Woes...ToI thinks of something

There are numerous fellow bloggers talking about Bangalore’s dilapidated infrastructure on Indian Blogosphere for sometime now. There have been demonstrations by people, criticisms by who’s who, stickers on vehicles asking he CM to wake up et al. Nothing seems to have done any good.
In the article, there is no mention of conditions of roads, the overflowing buses for public transport but WOW, there is one line about traffic decongestion. I see, infrastructure is not top priority at the moment from this article.

Today’s ToI’s front page says they are “they are seeking short term executions to improve the Bangalore Infrastructure” and our ideas can be mailed to ‘peoplepowerbg AT indiatimes DOT com’. I am sure there will be hordes of mails from the bloggers. Hope this ‘short term execution’ ideas make a difference or at least throw a bucket of cold water on the authorities' face.

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