Monday, September 12, 2005

Un-Grand finish to Grand Prix Season

Agreed, there are couple more races to finish the F1 season, but the outcome is already known. The spa circuit in Belgium gave all the answers yesterday. All Alonso needs is 6 points from either of the three forthcoming races.
Mike Schumacher – Being an avid Ferrari fan, I was disappointed this year. Yesterday’s match was nothing new. This time, as Schumi’s ill luck would have it, had to end the race for no fault of his. All he could do in his anger was to give a deserving smack on Sato’s head.
Takumo Sato – He is under investigation for his little misadventure which cost Schumacher his race.
Kimi Raikonnen – Hats off to him. An aggressive driver with a powerful machine showed no emotions on the track while beheading all the opponents. He won the race hands down and the 2 stop strategy worked really well.
Juan Pablo Montoya - Bad luck dude! A race winner for 32 laps but it wasn't his day.
Fernando Alonso – Kudos to the youngest ever Formula 1 champion! He has shown that grit and determination combined with a great car can work wonders. Michael Schumacher has been doing the same for last five years(Featured in F1
hall of fame). But the same man on podium and the same winner every time was making the sport lacklustre. Though a Ferrari guy, I welcome the change for the sport.
Narain Karthikeyan – Man, am I dejected. You bet. My joy knew no bounds when I first heard that one Indian, Narain, stepped into the high-speed world of F1. I was overjoyed to learn one Indian is at the helm of a Jordan car burning the rubber on F1 circuits. But alas! I guess this is the beginning and end of Narain’s career in F1. He did show potential in couple of the races initially and still shows his feisty form once in a while, but he has started drifting behind the pack. He may be the rookie who has completed maximum races, a record which he can claim as his own but that doesn’t hold good for his future.
I do not expect a podium finish but a decent finish and a position ahead rookie team-mate Montiero is all I ask for. The six car American GP, could have been so much better if Narain was on the podium instead of Montiero after the two Ferraris.
Next year, the Jordan team will be launching another driver, the current test driver as their main.Going by the championship points and aggressive driving, Montiero scores over Karthikeyan, which might raise Montiero to the driver’s seat in the one remaning car, God forbid.

Here’s hoping the best for Ferrari and Narain in the three forthcoming races and next season.



Anonymous said...

I think all F1 lovers should watch
'bail gadi race' in rajnikant movie..and soon you will find them running world over ... :-))

Dinesh said...

@anonymous: LOL