Thursday, September 22, 2005

Summoned by Success

The toil you put in day & night,
sheer dedication throughout your life,
When course is clean and obstacles few,
Then Success shall summon you.

Take your chance,
get the attitude right.
Take the plunge when the time is right,
when opportunity knocks, take the cue.
Then Success shall summon you.

The storm will stop and the wind will blow,
make your destiny and life will glow.
When you fail, start anew,
Then Success shall summon you.

The key is persistence, they always say,
have a foresight to save dismay.
Find the almighty within you,
Then Success shall summon you.


Truman said...


Dinesh said...

@truman: Thanks :)

Mary said...

Dinesh - it's so true :)

Dinesh said...

@Mary- :)

Ruchika said...

Well even the brightest star won't shine forever...
Every move I make feels like a's soon gonna be my turn:-)) "Mera No AAEYGA"

Dinesh said...

@Ruchika: Sure, tera number aayega. Keep the faith. :)