Friday, September 15, 2006

Advices for free....Advices for free...

Why do you give advices so often,
I accidently ask a wise one.
Smiling wide he tells me; Son,
Advices are free, one or a ton.

He continues as if I had urged him on,
Non-stop he just goes on and on.
Opinions galore, he never does stop,
Give him hints and he still prods on.

For no reason, he squanders advice,
His wisdom has become his biggest vice.
For no reason, he keeps telling one and all,
What all to do, and not take a fall.

The free advisors are pain in the ass,
one chance and they start their class.
Most advices they give are trash,
in the smallest pause, just make a dash.

I beg the gratitious advisors to stop,
don't bore us till we die or drop.
Only when asked, show the wisdom,
or can the crap, you stupid bum.


Bee said...

didnt know u were a poet..
why dont u join seriously..

Dinesh said...

Thanks Bhavini :)

Anand said...

Blog updated...

Avi said...

Dude, updating my blog... do read when time permits:)