Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The speed God kips down


Micheal Schumacher, the name which resounded loud and clear whenever Formula 1 was mentioned, confirms his retirement today. Schumi, as he's named by the media, announces his retirement after a thumping victory on Ferrari home track of Monza, Italy. Schumacher scored his 90th victory and is two points behind the championship leader Alonso at 108 points.

1991, Schumi first set foot on F1 track and now finishes his car-eer(pun intended) with seven championships and one in sight. He had his share of controversies including being questioned during Ayrton Sena's death, penalised for banging Damon Hill deliberately, penalised for stopping during qualifiers hindering Alonso etc.

"Now I just want to concentrate on the last three wins and finish the season in style, hopefully with the championship. We took a big step today," said Schumacher in the pres conference. I wish him all the luck for that.

The almost-eight time world champion of the high octane sport calls it a day while still on top.

Thus, endeth an era.


Goyal said...

Hi Dinesh,

If I remember correctly Schumi was penalised for collision with Villeneuve and not Hill.

Btw, great blog here :)

Dinesh said...

Thanks Amit. Schumi was penalised for colliding with Vill,yup. Now that I read the history, I see that he wasnt penalised but he did crash wantingly into Hill :) Thanks for the correction.