Sunday, September 24, 2006

A pre-winter blog hibernation

The work weighs down upon my shoulder. I hope to sneak some time out for updating Thoughts Flux. But hope as I may, it might not happen. Thus, hibernating for a while whilst I do the functional design of some software components (hopefully will do it well). i.e no new posts for a while :(


Anonymous said...

Enjoy the hibernation. Hope you make most of it.

Anonymous said...

Some1 is lost.. wonder if it really is Functional design:)) -celeron aunty:))

Keshi said...

come bakk!


Anonymous said...

hmm!! blogging you never told bout this aspect of your persona!! or this just caught on in UK!!

Dinesh said...

@ Ravi: Thanks Dude.

Celeron was Fd and a bloggers block.

@ Keshi: Am back :)

@ Anonymous: Who art thou? :)