Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Bloggers score....IIPM sore

This is but a fight for freedom of speech. It is appalling to know that Rashmi’s blog has been attacked and Gaurav had to quit his job because he expressed his opinions on the net about an organisation, rather just put a link to an article in a magazine. If it was simply for defaming IIPM, they had the right to send a legal notice. But when this was factual and with proofs coming in from various sources, this was not the right thing to do. My impression of con planman was wonderful when I had heard his speech in Indore Management Association few years ago. I was sure, that this guy is here to make it big. I never knew, he was going to make it big by toying with students’ future.

If only had IIPM let the sleeping lions (read ‘we the bloggers’) lie and passed the article as JAB(just another blog) posted in JAMmag or on any of the blog sites, they would have been happier. Now this JAB has become ‘The Blog’. IIPM has joined the war of the blogs by creating their own blogs which as of now are straight away trashed by real bloggers.

Hats off to our Blogger Community! A pat on the back for Rashmi and bravo Gaurav!

Surely, Pony tailed fellow, this is what happens if you count your chickens before they hatch.

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