Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Joblessness is the mother of acidity

An alarm goes off at morning seven thirty. God kill him who created an alarm clock, and God bless him who put the snooze feature in that, it lets me sleep the ‘heavenly five minutes more’. After quick morning ablutions routine, a glass of milk and on the go marmalade sandwich, I catch the waiting cab. Hmph…finally I make it to office at nine. The cute, wrinkly elderly receptionist has a fruit basket with fresh fruits without which my never-full tummy keeps asking for more breakfast.
Yawning, I reach my desk. Open my inbox .Any mails/ comments for the blog? Aah…there they are, read the mails and reply if not forwards. Reply to the blog comments. Now, its 1030 hours and I see, I still am not asked to do anything. I slyly watch my manager from corner of my eye. He is checking his gmails and hotmails and trying to evade the eyes of his juniors. But my eyes catch it. Now, I come out of my compunction of not having any work for the day. In short, its a jobless day.

1045 hrs - First colleague pings from the floor above.
Colleague 1: Chal yaar chai peetey hain. (Come dude, let’s have a tea)
Me: :-D Beshak (Sure)
After 15 minutes of tea break which includes a walk around the campus with a hot cuppa espresso, I am set for the next 45 minutes of joblessness. Now, open the news sites. Read about the happenings in India and the rest of the world. Browse BBC to check whether or not London is doing fine after the bombing and if beer is still flowing like Thames after Ashes win. Open browsers for regularly read blogs and desipundit.

11.30 hrs -
Colleague 2: Mate, wanna grab a cuppa?
Me: Okay, if u say so.
See, I am nice person. Never do I say Nay to anyone. ;-)
Another 10 minutes go in tea break, this time a hot chocolate.
1245 hrs -
Colleague 1 & 2: A coffee before the lunch?
Me: But of course…
1315 hrs –
Colleagues 1,2,3,4,5 – Lunch…?
Me: Anytime u say ppl !
After a lunch which again has an end with a coffee and a small stroll I am back in my seat. Three more coffee breaks, if not four, make their appearance between lunch and 1730 hrs. Then it strikes: Acidity. I cringe. Man, one more day of jobless day in office and my mammoth stomach can be reduced to ashes from inside by tsunami sized acid waves....so I think I shall stop coffee addiction.
A cry from the next workstation: Hey Din, Get up...wanna get a cuppa.
Me: Aah, okay..wait up..just finishing my blog..


Rahul Munjal said...

hey dins !
good job. Keep it up !

Ravi said...

Oh.. You have no idea how many office goers esp. bloggers would identify with you. I guess both your acidity & blogging have the same mother. What say?

May I suggest replacing coffee with water? I've tried it with moderate success. Just carry a bottle along whenever someone calls for coffee.

Dinesh said...

@Rahul: Thanks dude!

@Ravi: Surely, blogging is a by product of joblessness too. Thanks, water instead of coffee should works. Trying it, starting tdy.

P.S And I think my boss found this blog on the net. He gave me enuf work to last 10 hrs in one day.:)

Avi said...

Oye mote ... instead of strolling all over campus try jogging ... kidding

janani said...

lol! I guess s/w makkal can live on coffee (I assume you are into s/w too) :-)

Dinesh said...

@Avi: Yaar, mein mota hee theek...hehe

@Janani: Welcome! S/w makkal do survive on coffee. Yup am in s/w as my profile says. Do keep visitin the blog.

Varkey said...

'15 minutes of tea break which includes a walk around the campus with a hot cuppa espresso'...
U doing the walk around the campus and finishing off a coffee in 15 mins.... I got to see tat !!!

and wat r u doing wit the Expresso on a 'Tea Break ' ???

Dinesh said...

@Varkey: A disclaimer(only for nut cases): 'Tea Break' and 'coffee break' are used interchangable in the blog. hehe.

icyblue said...

hahaha.... real nice reading there...thoroughly enjoyed it... looking forward to reading more...

Dinesh said...

Thanks! And sure, u'll get to read more.

Bee said...

hey djin this is the best blog of urs .

keep it up, keep it down, keep it wherever :-)