Saturday, October 01, 2005


Last year on this day, I asked a 9 year old kid last year, ‘Viv, What’s on Oct 2 every year?’.
Pat came the innocent reply, ‘Yipee, a school holiday’.

Has October 2 reduced to being merely a holiday?

I can sure dust off Vivek’s answer as being just a happy reply from an innocent kid. But the thought stuck and I have read a little about Mahatma from then, comparing the vast amount of information available on him.
I have always seen people criticising this man, the man who was one of the chief architects of India. From what I have been gauging from the major percentage of the critic populace is their ‘lack of information’. To form an opinion, one ought to keep enough facts, figures and statistics as their pedestal.
Some blame him for the partition. I pity them for their historic quotient deficiency. Mahatma was never in favour of partition. Mahatma fasted for more than ten days as a protest in Calcutta against the idea of partition. Mahatma added the lines ‘Eeshwar-Allah tero naam, sabko sanmati de bhagwan’ in an already existing hymn minus this lines. He believed in equality and this can be read in any acclaimed life history book on him. Some accuse him of being the shrewdest politician. He apparently never wanted to be involved in politics. He went to a village and lived in a hut but people flocked around and it came to be known as the ashram.
To err is human and so he would have too. He has also been pointed at for calling off ‘Non-cooperation Movement’, a severe bullet wound in Brit arm. I am not assuming anything as I could not get a hand on the reason for this. It would be wonderful if anyone of you could enlighten me of the cause for calling off the movement, other than of course the Chauri-Chaura incident.

In Gandhi’s own words, “I am used to misrepresentation all my life. It is the lot of every public worker. He has to have a tough hide. Life would be burdensome if every misrepresentation had to be answered and cleared. It is a rule of life with me never to explain misrepresentations except when the cause requires correction. This rule has saved much time and worry.”

A very respected Principal of my school always said, "Read about the great men history has left for you to learn from them. Keep the good and discard the rest, for they too, were humans".


Anonymous said...

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gazal nawees said...

i do not have any hesitation to say that mohandas karamchand gandhi so called mahatma was the only one responsible for the devidation of india. he was very bad person and he was played his dirty politics with indian people

Truman said...

@gazal nawees: I pity you.

@Dinesh: Thanks for this. I am linking to it.

Mary said...

Dinesh - even in Australia we have heard all about Gandhi - One of the world's all-time greats :)

Dinesh said...

@Gazal Nawees: Sorry mate. Either you do not have enough reading habit or u are biased just for the heck of it. As truman says, I pity you too.

@Truman:Most welcome. :)

@Mary: Thanks. See, now thats what I call a global personality.

There are plenty of program shown in BBC about Gandhi. In top 10 people in the history, Gandhi was one of the most prominent, said the BBC. Now, BBC wouldn't do it without a proper knowledge.

Varkey said...

With Due respect to the Mahatma.The last time i saw my romem8 watching ' Leagend of Bhagat Singh' He was fuming abt how Gandhi 'Failed' Indians by not helping Bhagat.... And I didnt know tat that roomm8 will suddenly become such a Gandhi fan :)

Varkey said...

mayb staying in UK has given u a new perspective on gandhi!!

Dinesh said...

@Varkey- :-). I was fuming because if that was all Mahatma did ..specifically in Bhagat Singh was wrong on his part. And as I have said in the blog, it will be great if someone could point me where I could read about the calling off of non-cooperation movement which was one thing which angered youths like Bhagat. If chauri-chaura was the only thing which was the reason, it wasn't correct.
In the blog, I say the great men should never be denounced by people who don't know enough about them. I wasn't well informed when I saw The legend Bhagat Singh.Thus, I read about him and perception about Gandhi did change a little because of the articles and history I read. Thus, the blog.

Varkey said...

Guess I'll follow ur school Principal's principle.

Gandhi was human too, he had his not so good qualities, but that still doesnt take away what he did for the People of our nation.And the influence his teachings has on the lives of millions of people the world around.

Dinesh said...

@Varkey: :)

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