Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mr S and demise of the frying pan

Mr. S, the software engineer, has come on an onsite assignment to the United Kingdom. An onsite assignment, every software engineer’s dream, turned into a reality for this ‘good at coding’ guy. He was sure that he could sustain here with his culinary skills. But with the untimely demise of his frying pan, he soon found out that Cooking, though approximately spelt like Coding, isn’t actually his bowl of curry (read cup of tea).

The story
S got a call about his house being broken into. The smoke alarm had brought the idiomatic roof down with its constant bellowing. He rushed from the office just in time to see the firemen leaving the place. He loitered around outside for the last of the firemen to leave, for saving his ears from a good piece of mind, that they would have given him. S slowly entered the building to see few neighbours watching from all directions. He saw the broken door. His dear door which stood gallantly protecting the house lay shattered at his feet. The firemen’s axe had completely axed it par recognition. With a gulp in the throat, he went inside.

He was aghast seeing the messy state the kitchen was in. What the hell happened in here? Why were the kitchen walls black with soot? Then the gore reality dawned on him. The Frying Pan was gone!!!

Of all the things, they had to take the frying pan! He was damn sure that he had kept the curry in the frying pan for heating it. The stove had promised him of a ready curry when he arrived from office. And he had promised the stove to be home for an early dinner. Both looked cross eyed at each other. Stove remained mute as usual and he did all the talking. He sat and mourned the loss of his frying pan, the one which had given him a taste of wonderful curries. His mourning was interrupted many a times by curious neighbours popping in and asking him about the happenings. To be courteous, he had to re-tell the story to even the neighbours he barely met before. They were as shocked at his loss and preached of some sort of silver lining to clouds stuff. He couldn’t make out the connection though.

The rigours started early next day. The insurance forms had to be filled, numerous calls to be made and infinite other chores to be done. S choked and eyes welled up when they told him, he’ll have to say a different reason to the insurance companies to part with their money. For the insurance money, he never could mention, that his frying pan got fried cause of his negligence. He realised how bad the world has been to frying pans. He is determined to get frying pans their rights and he is conspiring with frying pan dealers across the world to achieve this noble motive.

All this happened couple of months back. S still misses his favourite frying pan. This is but a bi-monthly ceremony article I publish here, for all to pray for the “Frying Pan” and pray God almighty to give S the strength to find solace in his new frying pan.

To this day, the burnt out frying pan, lies unattended in the ‘charred’ section in ‘Reading Fire Brigade Station’, a thirty minutes drive from London.

In the name of S, frying pan and the holy curry....Amen.


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Anonymous said...

A very good description of the dramatic situation occured with Mr S.
Hope dinesh finds some more time from his busy schedule to write something about Newcaslte night life.


Anonymous said...

Excellent narration of happenings around.
Keep it up buddy!


Anonymous said...

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Dinesh said...

@Lokesh and sonali: :)

Ravi said...

Not being aware of the incident puts me in a sort of a fix here. Why the facination for the frying pan?

Dinesh said...

@Ravi:Its just a story about a man who loved his frying pan and is foolish enuf to leave it on the stove for eternity. Actually a friend did this great thing and I wrote about it, with lil mirch-masala in curry(story). And this was one of the many times he did this. :-)

bhavs said...

hey good one, now may we ask, who the real 'S' is?

Dinesh said...

@Bhavini: Real S is Soumendu.