Friday, October 14, 2005

Sarve Janaha Sukhino Bhavantu

This mail is being forwarded by everyone to everyone in India.

"In the middle of 1965 India-Pakistan war, US govt - then a close friend of Pakistan - threatened India with stopping food-aid (remember "PL-480"?). For a food deficient India this threat was serious and humiliating. So much so that in the middle of war, Prime Minister (Late) Lal Bahadur Shastri went to Ram Leela Grounds in Delhi and appealed to each Indian to observe one-meal-fast every week to answer the American threat. As a school boy, I joined those millions who responded to Shastri ji's call. I continued the fast even when the war was over and India became self sufficient in food. Hurt deep by the national humiliation suffered at the hands of the US govt, I had vowed to stop my weekly fast only when India starts giving aid to USA. It took just 40 years. Last week THE day arrived. When Indian ambassador in Washington DC handed over a cheque of US$ 50 million to the US govt, two plane loads of food, medical aid and other relief materials were waiting to fly to the USA. Time to break the fast? With no bad feeling about the USA, and good wishes for the Katrina victims, this humble Indian feels proud of the distance India has covered in 40 years. Let's celebrate a New India!"

And why not, this is a big deal for a country which is only 58 years old. 58 years is but a threshold of adolescence when what we are talking about is a country. The largest democracy where implementing any idea immediately is a mammoth task considering the geographical size and mammoth diversity, this is an achievement for sure. Indian economy has reached all time high and the sensex has touched 8500. Though a slow start in a socialistic way, Indian economy started rising from 1991 and in barely any time it stands as the tenth richest nation in the world with 200+ countries.

2005 is the year of natural disasters, the year of mass deaths and mass cremations. With all my wishes and condolences for deceased and relatives, I am happy to say India is in a position to help itself and others in need. Let India continue its stride towards further progress.

A wish for all affected by Pak and India earthquake, Katrina, Rita, Tsunami et al:

Sarve janaha suhki na santu,
sarve santu niraamaya ha,
Sarve bhadraani pashyaantu,
ma kaschid dukha bhaak bhaved

Jai Hind.

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